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Hello my name is Heather and I have been doing Pilates now for 9 months, I had to find a new form of exercise post birth as bootcamp wasn’t working for me anymore (didn’t like the jumping) and Covid hit and lockdown!

So the first photo was me at 8 weeks pregnant. The middle one was me one week post birth and the third one is me a year on from the middle photo.

I’ve toned up so much, lost weight and generally feel fab. I’m more flexible. I didn’t want to put pressure on myself to get back to my pre pregnancy body and I haven’t, and I feel mentally better.

I am looking forward to seeing what Pilates can do for me in the next 9 months.

Sara Ramlot


I have done Pilates classes for a number of years prior to joining Rachel’s on line classes, I have to say she is the best instructor.

She is patient and explains the moves brilliantly.

What I like is there are no expectations of ability you can go at your own pace and Rachel offers different levels of difficulty so you can do which suits you best.

My favourite classes are the hit classes and the equipment classes.

On a personal level I’ve always struggled with how I view my own body and doing Rachel’s classes I have to say at 50 I’ve never been happier.

I also struggle with lower back problems after a slipped disk a number of years ago and Pilates has helped my lower back to feel much better.

Always feel great after doing one if Rachel’s classes, and even better I can do the classes from home.

Thank you Rachel



Since starting Rachel’s classes, I have definitely noticed an improvement in my core strength and feel a lot more flexible. An added bonus is that I feel a lot more in control of my breathing when exercising as it is the focus of a lot of Pilates moves. I’ve really enjoyed the variety of class options and difficulty levels offered with Rachel’s classes and the flexibility she offers so I can fit them in around my work schedule.


Rachel’s classes are great. I suffer with stiff shoulders and hip from a desk job and find that when I consistently attend classes that my aches and pains diminish. Rachel is really helpful and adjusts what you are doing if it’s not right, she also makes the session fun. I feel so much better after a class, it really sets me up for the day.


I started Pilates with Rachel in April this year, at 47 years old, when the first lockdown came. I have never done Pilates before and it was something I had considered for a while – it was always something other people did!

I attend one class each week, or one every other week. The class times work well for me, and Rachel provides a few each week to choose from.

Rachel is a great teacher – she makes it fun, considers all class members, and can work at all levels.

After a class I always feel motivated and more positive and believe Pilates supports me physically and emotionally.

My life is definitely better for having Pilates in it!
Penny Williams


For me one of the best things about Rachel’s classes (aside from being great classes), is how convenient they are and how easy it is to fit them into my lifestyle. I’m a working mum with a husband, 2 dogs and a 15 year old boy. In between cooking meals, working (from home), walking dogs and other stuff, it has always been hard to find time for me and certainly hard to find time to exercise. It’s all too easy to finish work and think, “I really can’t be bothered to get changed, drive or walk 20 minutes in the cold or wet, do a class for an hour, have a quick chat, walk or drive back home and then make dinner…” Now it’s easy! There are enough classes a week at different times to suit me, I’m not fixed to one place and time (ie village hall 6pm on Wednesdays) but I can take a class on whatever day and time works best that week (even first thing on a Sunday!) I choose my time, set up zoom, do the class and that’s it. What would take me 2hours, if I could be bothered, now takes me less than an hour and it motivates me to keep going, it’s easy and great fun! If you don’t think you have time for exercise then think again, you really do!


Hello, I’m Mel and I’ve been doing Pilates with Rachel for over a year now.

I was reluctant at getting back into exercise just as I was starting to show peri-menopausal symptoms but doing it online and only being able to see Rachel on the screen means I feel much less self conscious and therefore throw myself into classes with more abandon than I would in the normal gym or church hall setting. This often results in much hilarity when I attempt a move and it doesn’t quite go to plan the first (second or third time) and I can’t remember the last class where I wasn’t laughing at some point. But because the classes are so much fun and Rachel is so encouraging, it keeps me motivated to keep trying and before I know it, I’ve progressed through the difficulty levels and can often be seen doing the harder moves, admittedly without much grace or elegance but I enjoy myself and am mentally and physically better for it.

I’d thoroughly recommend the classes to anyone wanting to improve their fitness and have some fun doing it.