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Frequently asked question's


How do I join?

Once you click on the join here link all you need to do is two things.

Complete the Par Q Health form and just send me a super quick message to let me know when you will be starting.

Then you will have complete access to the members area and you can easily see my terms and conditions.

You will find the links for the live classes and there will be a whole area of recorded classes you can access.

In some circumstances, my Classes will not be suitable for you because I am only qualified to teach healthy adults.

Although I have some extra knowledge of lower back pain, injuries, and coming back after surgery, I do not offer rehabilitative classes. You may need clearance from another professional like a Physio or chiropractor before starting classes, but we can discuss this.

How does the free trial work?

No catches. You have a week free to do as many classes as you like.

 I offer the week free, so you can check if my classes are at the level you require, you like my style of teaching and most of all you enjoy Pilates.

How does the monthly membership work?

£20 per month, and you can either set up a monthly plan or pay month by month. You can cancel at any time and you can cancel without notice. I am also happy to give you one month’s refund if you have signed up and decide it isn’t for you for whatever reason.

Are you sure I can join as a complete beginner?

Yes because my classes are a mixture of beginner and mixed ability. Mixed ability just means it’s a layered class and will have 3 options you can choose from with most moves. Option 1 is a beginner move and option 2 beginner/intermediate and option 3 will be an intermediate move.


How do the recordings work?

They will be in the member’s area. You can click on them and do them whenever you like and as many times as you like until I take them down and change them.

How do the live classes work?

I run all my classes on Zoom, it’s interactive, and if you don’t know how to work zoom, I can help you. You can enlarge my video by pinning it and hide everyone else. I can easily see and hear you on my big TV. I will teach and support you during the class.

How does Zoom work?

You can have a free account, download the app to your device. You simply type in the meeting ID and Password for the class you want to attend and I will be there.

What do I wear?

The clothes best for Pilates are something not too baggy so I can see your form and instruct you. Something you feel comfortable in and then bare feet or socks.

What equipment do I need?

To begin with all you need is a mat, a hand towel and some weights or tins.

If you decide to stay with me then you may want to buy a few more items that make the classes more interesting and beneficial for you.

A Pilates block, small ball, two meter band (not too thin) and some low weights are all useful to bring along.

What device do I need?

The biggest screen you have is the best.  Many of my customers use a laptop or a tablet for my classes. 

You can also stream me to your TV. Youtube will teach you how if you don’t know or you can ask me. The advantage of streaming me to your TV means it is easier for you to see and hear me.

I find that people get better the more classes they do at improving their tech set up. Even things like finding a better space in the home makes all the difference. Try not to stress over it, just begin and you will find ways to imporve it if you need too.


How much support will I get?

I will instruct the class, demonstrating and then watching to give you cues to improve your moves and, of course, tell you if you are doing anything unsafe.

The beginner classes are a great place to start but if you have done Pilates or yoga before then maybe you would like to start on a mixed ability class.

 I offer levels 1 to 3 for most moves in my mixed-ability classes. Level 1 is a complete beginner move, level 2 is harder and level 3 is an intermediate Pilates move. You can choose to move up and down the levels for what you feel is appropriate for you.

What happens if I get ill, an injury or become pregnant during my membership?

You will need to opt out of Pilates classes and message me so we can have a one-to-one chat. We will discuss if and when you can come back. I can give you information of people that maybe helpful if you are injured. 

Can I do the classes if I have an injury?

Some of my customers have a long-term mild injury, and I will, of course, try and find alternatives for you to do if any moves feel uncomfortable. We can have a discussion about the limitations you may have.

All my members need to complete a general health form and, in some cases, will need medical permission before they join my classes.

Can I contact you outside of sessions?

Yes, I am available for you to message or call me, and I will answer as soon as I can. A good time for a quick one-on-one catch-up is at the end of the classes, so always feel free to stay on if you want to.