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Hey, I am Rachel...

…a Qualified and Insured Mat Group Pilates Instructor and a Life Coach. I work solely online and love it. I take a light hearted approach to my Pilates Training. With Coaching I help you improve your relationship with yourself, food and fitness. 

I love working online because it means I can offer more flexibility in the times and styles of classes I run. You get to work from the comfort of your own home and waste no time in travelling.

My Customers tell me there is less pressure to conform like  face to face classes and they like the fact only I can see you because everyone else just pins my video.

My experience is I am ex forces so I did plenty of fitness in my younger years.  But I also learnt to push myself too far so now I help you listen to you and build strength in your own time.

I have worked as a counsellor and a coach for over ten years. I have mostly been helping women increase their self esteem, self awareness and do more of what they love. I know the importance of physical activity and our emotional well-being and that’s why I work in both areas.

What's my story?

…I began to feel tired, achy and frustrated with my body…

I had a knee injury that slowly stopped me from exercising. This is because I am ex services so I learnt that pain was gain and to keep pushing myself. 

The less I exercised the more tired I felt and one day I suddenly realised I felt ten years older. Not only that, I got on the scales and realised I had put two stone on as well. So something had to change

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Body Moving

…I realised I needed to do something to get my body moving again…

It didn’t help that I sat down most of the day working with clients either. When I realised I had lost my confidence and felt sluggish most of the time, I realised I needed to do something to get my body moving again.

A friend recommended Pilates. I had never heard of it before, but I was curious, so I went along to a class and got hooked.”

…I felt stronger, more flexible…

After a couple of months, I felt stronger, more flexible. My balance improved and I realised I had stopped overeating in the evenings as well because my energy levels were higher.

During this time, my children were younger, so I could only attend one class a week. However that one class and that time listening to my body instead of pushing it to the limit was all I needed. 

…I love pilates because you can start with easy moves…

I love Pilates because you can start with some really simple beginner moves and then build up when you are ready. My mixed-ability classes will allow you to learn intermediate moves because the classes are layered.

Mixed Ability Classes

Mixed Ability Classes

Pilates is a creative fitness that you can keep changing to suit your needs, and although I mainly work with mat Pilates, I add equipment and do different styles of Pilates to keep it fun. I run beginner instead of easy peasy pilates and mixed ability. Mixed ability is a layered class using beginner to intermediate moves and you work at your own level.

Interactive Support

Interactive Support

I teach by projecting you onto my big 55 inch TV. You can simply pin my video to make me full screen and make other class members disappear. This will make it easy for you to see me.

Life Coaching

And finally, I offer Life Coaching for women that need more support than just fitness. Maybe you have always struggled with how you feel about yourself. Life Coaching with me is aimed at helping you raise your self-esteem, get unstuck and get more clarity on your goals.

Yo-Yo diets don’t work and fitness alone doesn’t always give you what you need. You are welcome to contact me to find out more. CLICK HERE to ask me anything about my services and you are welcome to a free 30 minute session to see if coaching is for you.


Rachel Charlton